Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'm back... and I'm ready.

I'll admit it, I've been slacking on my blogging lately, I've been slacking on sharing my progress in my journey, and I've been slacking on just being positive.  I was admittedly in a slump.  But, I found my shovel and I dug myself out and here I am... I'm ready! 

As I've stated before, In April 2014 I began my journey toward a new healthy and happy life.  I hit the ground running and I was losing weight, I was more confident and I was happy as ever.  Somewhere along the way I got stuck in a rut and I lost my focus.  I wasn't losing weight as much as I wanted, I wasn't reading my personal development like I should, and I wasn't helping others as I had promised myself the way that I would.  It is now September and I will be 40 in just a week and a half... what am I doing???  Why have a given up on myself and my journey???  Three things happened that have opened my eyes... I've seen my own mother gain confidence and step out of her own comfort zone, I started working with some amazing challengers who have this amazing level of determination to live a healthy life and who have trusted me to help them, and I had my own coach and another amazing Beachbody coach talk me through and out of my rut.  The common denominator?  PEOPLE!!

I now have created my own meal plan I will follow 100%.  I have my personal development I will read every single day.  I am working on a strict schedule to keep myself on that will put me back on track and force me to be the person I know that I can be and who I already am.

Prepare yourselves to the attack of Allison... she's back and she's going to overload you with positivity. 

Don't every give up people... and if you do, find those who bring you back up and ALLOW them to be honest, tough and supportive with you.  It works!

Stay tuned... No more getting off track for me!!!